Second Hand Machines

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Bridgeport VMC1000-30

Okuma MA-60HB

Okuma MC-800H

Gildemeister Sprint 65 Linear

Okuma MF-46VA

Hitachi Seiki CH250

Kasuga Quantum Q-1000VA

First MCV-1000

TOS BU-28-630

Drill Grinder Wedevåg WL1B

Drill Grinder Wedevåg WL2

Weiler LZ280 Lathe

Pro Auto Bar Feeder V-65LE

Takeda TK-US3N-LH

CC/CV Welding Rectifier

Iemca Barfeeder Master 880MP

Stanko 1516 F3

Barfeeder LNS Hydrobar


Okuma LH35-N

Fortuna UFC 1500A

Eisele VMS-I-S-PV

Dainichi Lathe


Doosan (Daewoo) Puma


Surface Grinding Machine


Hitachi Seiki VA 45 II



New Machines ⇓


 Bridge type machine FOX-50


  Travelling Column machine AXIA-70


Travelling Column machine FENIX-60


Bed type machine XPERTA-20

Latest deliveries:

 Delivery of

“NORMA 45” Correa at Dacmatech A/S,


Delivery of Nicolas Correa NORMA 60 was succesfully installed at Eldan Recycling in Faaborg, Denmark.
Nicolas Correa Norma 45 was successfully installed at Dacmatech in Hedensted.

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    QuickTech i-42 (i-60) Ultimate

The most productive bar feeded machine for advanced parts in the world, with simultaneous machining in main and sub spindle, including turning, free angle milling and drilling and full 5-axis milling. Bar diameter 42 or 60 mm.

We supply productivity to demanding customers.

And we do it with passion and competence.


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